Monday, November 9, 2009

My Favorite Math Lesson

One of my favorite math lessons was when we made a pumpkin patch. How we did it was we cut out all different shapes and sizes for the pumpkins,then we cut out different stems leafs,and vines. After that we glued them onto a Popsicle stick and wrote how many pounds we wanted them to be. Then we wrapped up a shoebox with some cute wrapping paper and stuck them in. My mom gave each of my customers 20 dollars in different change in play money.

Before my stand even opened, I had a long line of customers already waiting!!!
One of them threatened to go to the stand down the road the line was sooo long... but my mom told him that he would not find any better pumpkins, pretzles and apple cider than we had here.

This activity turned out to be more than just a math lesson. We all learned to be patient on both sides of the cash register. After all, it was a great time!


court said...

what a fun math lesson! that is the way to learn math! wish we were closer so we could have come by your pumpkin patch! love you guys!

The Mister.&.Misses said...

I love it!! so fun!

Mads & Family said...

Awesome! I want to do that at school! I mean, Apple cider and pretzels!?! It doesn't get any better than that!